crafted by photobiz

Life is good....Painting and sketching from life,

fuels by my passion for adventure and the

desire to become better.  I enjoy painting

most any subject.  My favorites... animals

 and portraits, where likeness and

personality of my subject are key...

highlighting the eyes, at times

 I use gold leafing for added appeal.

I want to know as

much about my subjects as possible

through experience, observation, research

and study before starting my piece.  when painting

equine I may incorporated the horse's

actual hair into the paint as well

as my thumb print for DNA authenticity.

Plein air and still life work allows for

artistic challenge and a change of pace.


Working as a graphic artist for 19 years laid a

valuable foundation of discipline and a

"business sense" for my success as I shifted

to exclusively fine art in 1995.



Large murals in public and private venues

play a major role in my extensive

list of services.  I welcome a challenge...

creatively, physically and mentally,

always looking for the next opportunity to grow.



My love of art started after taking

an art class in the seventh grade.

Graduating with a commercial

art degree in 1976, I worked as a

graphic designer for 19 years before

pursuing fine art full time.


Commissioned canvas work, murals,

solo/group exhibits and art competitions

consume my daily art schedule.