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About the Artist

Artist Statement:

"I paint from life experiences;

my passion to grow as an artist fuels that fire.

I enjoy the variety of being able to work

with an array of subjects and art mediums.

Painting from life gives me the most return,

whether I am working with a figure,

portrait, animal, still life or the outdoors.

As an artist, I strive to bring a response of joy

and pleasure to those who view my work."



Typically my pallet is composed

of bright colors and while subject

matter and style are varied

according to client request

and desired goal intention.


Working as a professional

graphic artist from 1976 to 1995

taught me how to adapt

to a clients needs.


In 1995 my focus turned to exclusively fine art,

painting murals and on canvas.


Continuing education is

essential to grow, knowledge

and skill level. I study regularly with

national and internationally

renowned master artists

always striving for excellence

in my life and in my art.

2016 Bakke Art & Design